Post Graduate Diplomas

In computer science at undergraduate level, the lecturers usually talk to each other to make sure there are no conflicting tests/assignments because they know if they take the time to space out the assignments it will lead to higher quality assignments due to the students not being forced to hand in two assignments on the same day.

This does not happen at post graduate level. If anything the lecturers seem to be in their own world, oblivious to anything else but their own topic of study. Handing out assignments like Saadist, each considering his topic to be of greater importance than the others. More than once this semester I’ve had due dates where I’ve had to hand in two assignments on one day and another the day before/after. It’s the ‘study break’ now. Lectures are officially finished, so it should be time to study. But not if you’re doing post grad comp sci. I’ve got two assignments to hand in on the tuesday after Queen’s Birthday monday. Wonderful timing again, seeing as how the university will be closed on the monday. Exams are coming up, I’m falling into my usual pre-exam depression. Wondering if I’ll be able to pass all/any of my exams. If I fail everything I can always go and join the army 🙂 That’s what I tell myself every time I fall into this self-doubting phase before exams. I always try to imagine the worst case scenario and then re-assure myself that it wouldn’t be that bad. The worst part would be the guilt and shame I would feel if I failed miserably. I would feel that way because I know that I could have done better. My problem is not so much a problem of ability, but of motivation. In recent years I haven’t felt much motivation to do anything. Actually that’s not true. I have felt inspiration, but not from university. It’s probably a sign that I should enter the workforce.

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