Just finished reading the section on ‘DNS’ from ‘Linux System Administration’ by Tom Adelstein and Bill Lubanovic from O’Reilly press. They tried to present a complex topic in a straight forward manner, but I think generally they failed.

Anyways, I’m reading the book partly because of my new job as a Linux sysadmin for a small company called Primesoft. I’m gonna have to replace a Linux box which currently acts as a firewall/router not to mention god knows what other services it provides. But still it should be a good experience.

On the other hand I figured out finally how to get multi boot linux to work properly. I set up my laptop with two different versions of Ubuntu and I finally installed Fedora. My impressions of Fedora were good to start off with, while it was installing. The Anaconda installer is a really well polished piece of work. But upon logging in I wasn’t so impressed. For example I couldn’t find the Fedora version of Synaptic. I’m sure there must be one, anyway it just shows how important Synaptic is to Ubuntu.

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