Update – 4 months later

So I was looking at the post I made about 4 moths ago here, talking about my plan to become a decent web developer. Here’s the situation at the moment:

Step 1: Wiring up my house. Still not done, however becoming more possible now that my boss offered me the use of the company account to order components (ethernet cables & accessories) for practically wholesale prices.

Step 2: Domain name. Got one, from dyndns.org. Website can be found at srdan.ath.cx

Step 3: Learning about webservers, file servers, ssh servers, nfs servers, ftp servers, proxies etc… Going quite well. Work is helping in this respect, have had to rebuild a webserver recently as well as set up dhcp, dns, samba servers.

Step 4: Install software for the management of my server. Going quite well also. Getting some good experience from work. Just learned about a nifty tool called Mandriva Directory Server as well as tools like Webmin and ISPConfig.

Step 5: Installing existing CMSs’ and understanding how they work. Not as much done on this front. Haven’t really coded in php in a while or had a look at any source code for a while.

Step 6: Learn Cascading Style Sheets. Not much done on this front either, should really put more effort in.

Step 7: Learn Javascript. Nope

Step 8: Learn XHTML. Nothing

Step 9: Learn AJAX. Nada

So, overall could be better, but could be worse as well. I’m learning the most at my work and that’s a good thing, to be paid as you’re learning. Hopefully the second two thirds of the year will see me take on more web based technologies. I’m also looking to get a .NET server running under linux, it should be possible using Mondo. The best part obviously being that it’s free 🙂

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