Grails – Setting failOnError globally

One of the small annoyances with Grails that I’ve found is that the application doesn’t fail when a call to the “save” method fails. One of the ways to fix this is to pass the “failOnError” parameter to the save method, set to true:

def book = new Book(title: “The Shining”).save(failOnError: true)

However, this gets annoying, having to pass the parameter every time that you call the “save” method. A solution is to declare it as the default setting and forget about it.

This can be done in Config.groovy, by adding the following line:


You can also add this configuration to specific packages, in case that you didn’t want the configuration to apply to all of the packages used in your application:

grails.gorm.failOnError = [‘com.companyname.somepackage’,’com.companyname.someotherpackage’]


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