Internal LAN on LXC

When I wrote my previous post about setting up LXC, one of the things I found was that when installing the lxc package, it went ahead and created an “lxcbr0” interface.

It turns out that this interface is actually an “internal network” which you can connect your VM’s to if you want them talking to each other directly, as opposed to any network which the host is also on.

To setup my VM’s I just added another interface and connected it to the “lxcbr0” bridge, by adding the following lines to the configuration: = veth = up = lxcbr0 = 4a:49:43:49:79:ef

and then configuring the interface in the “interfaces” file:

auto eth1
iface eth1 inet static

Then I did the same to another VM and they were able to talk to each other.

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