Multi-boot with MultiSystem

Recently I read about a tool called MultiSystem, which you can get from here. The tool is a live Linux CD which allows you to create multi-bootable USB drives. Why would this be useful? I found a use for it immediately in that it allowed me to boot my desktop PC, which doesn’t have a CD/DVD drive, off of the USB and try out the latest version of Ubuntu, make sure that everything works and install the OS. 

How does it work? It’s really simple, you just get all of the live CD ISO’s that you want to put onto a FAT32 formatted spare USB drive, start up MultiSystem and drag and drop the .iso files onto the interface. Admittedly the interface is somewhat randomly designed, but once you drop the .iso files the rest it taken care of. The next step is to configure your PC to boot off of the USB drive, which may require a change in the BIOS settings. Once that’s configured, and you’ve booted off the USB you should get a GRUB-like menu and have a choice of all of the live CD’s which you’ve configured USB drive with. 
It’s a great tool for trying out different flavours of Linux/BSD based systems and there’s even an option to configure the USB to be Mac bootable. So, look out for another post down the road about setting up a dual boot system on my Macbook. 

One Reply to “Multi-boot with MultiSystem”

  1. Hello,The option to make it Mac bootable doesn't work, do you know of a way to make it so?rEFIt has been updated and turned into rEFInd. I have emailed the developer but haven't received anything.It's a crying shame that this isn't possible it would be fantastic. Multiple Live Distros on one stick on your mac!Please reply when you can….


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