Getting Firefox Sync server running

Have been setting up Firefox Sync, following the instructions found at:

The instructions were pretty straight-forward, got it up and running in no time (even ran the tests to ensure everything was passing).

However, after reconfiguring the browser to point to the new Sync URL, nothing happened. (In the end it turned out I forgot the “/token/” part of the URL:

Debugging Tips:

* By default if you run the server using “local/bin/pserve syncserver.ini” the server logs to console.

* The database the server saves to (by default) is “syncserver/syncserver.db”, which you can view using SQLite Browser.

* To manually start a Sync, you can go to “Tools” -> “Sync Now”

* To view the browser (client) sync logs, enter “about:sync-log” in the URL bar. You can turn on logging on successful sync by toggling the “services.sync.log.appender.file.logOnSuccess” configuration variable.

* At time of writing there’s a bug where the URL can be set back to the default in some instances:

* You can modify the “services.sync.syncInterval” variable to make the browser attempt to sync more frequently (value is in milliseconds).

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