First day on the new job

So, it’s been a bit up and down emotionally since getting made redundant from Vend. But today marks my first day on the new job at ClearPoint, which I’m pretty excited about.

The role, from what I gather so far, is mainly working on creating Continuous Delivery/Continuous Integration pipelines setup to help enable all the devs to be awesome and is practically a blank canvas. The other side is working with the operations team(s) to ensure that deployments are safe, stable and repeatable and that prod matches dev/staging/uat.

The day was spent getting to meet the team, getting my laptop set up and getting access to all of the various systems (email, calendar, wiki, version control, IM etc…) that the company uses in it’s day to day workflow. Additionally, the project(s) that I’m going to be working on were discussed, talking about which stage they were at, their overall purpose etc…

Through getting to know everyone I was amazed at how small the NZ software development community is, as it almost seemed everyone was connected through at most two degrees of separation.

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