Information overload 

I read an article a while back (can’t find it now) that talks about how the move to a knowledge worker based economy, means that it becomes increasingly important for workers to know what to work on (chosen from a non-discrete set of options) as well as constantly evaluate and re assess the situation to validate that they’re working on the most important thing. 

I’m surrounded by possibilities. Things I could dive into and spend a small lifetime learning, building, understanding. It started with SlashDot, now Twitter, HackerNews, Pocket, Slack, mailing lists, Reddit, Meetup, HackADay. 

What to spend my time/energy on? I have a family now. First priority seems to be their welfare. Have to pay off mortgage, money for University, sports and hobbies, holidays, weddings, granchildren and retirement. That means work mostly… 

So, I guess the priority is knowledge related to career. 

Anyways, that’s all getting away from the theme of this post. The question that needs to be answered is whether by subscribing to so many channels, you’re (I’m) actually harming myself? In the sense that it’s a type of highly inefficient multi tasking. Instead of trying to live in a world of possibilities, would it not make some sense to shut out the world and focus on the here and now. To quell the existential pain of constant reassessment of decisions relative to possibilities and having placed a bet, play it through to the end, fair or foul?

This is the kind of thing that I think about at 5am as my baby sleeps in my lap and I’m unable to go to sleep. 

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