Why are things hard

I use Pocket. I started using it when Firefox started including it by default. I don’t really use it in the way it’s meant to be used I don’t think, where you sync your articles for offline reading across all devices (laptop, mobile phone and tablet/ereader) but rather as just a general purpose “reading list” for articles that I want to read later.

I also really like marking a link as “read” and know that I’ve got it available in my archive to refer to later, but not have it come up in the main list.

The same thing could be done with just the basic bookmark functionality (have a “to-read” folder and a “read” folder) but the workflow’s not as nice (you’d have to manually move bookmarks) and you don’t get the nice “preview” pane with large icons of sites/articles to read.

One thing I *really* don’t like about Pocket is that it’s a web service and (though I haven’t read the EULA) that means that *they* own my data, not *me*. So, they own the list of articles I’ve read, when I’ve read them etc…

They basically control how that can be shared and to what services (Twitter, Facebook etc…) and while they allow exporting of your data (was one of the first things I checked) it’s not easy or convenient.

If I wanted to publish the list of articles I’ve read over the last week to my blog, could I do that? Should I do that? Should I invest my time and effort integrating with the knowledge that they could change the terms of the API use (if there even is an API) or start competing directly and downgrading access. What if I wanted to make money off of the data? They’ve sure got every legal right to take my data and do with it whatever is in the best interests of their shareholders, what about me?

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