So, with Apple being legally compelled to backdoor phones and the public outcry largely falling on deaf ears (let’s not kid ourselves, they’ll backdoor it) it’s time to remind everyone of the truth that just because a company is doing the right thing NOW doesn’t mean that they will continue to do in the future (whether for economic or legal or whatever reasons). 

Therefore, the only way to insulate yourself for this scenario is to maintain some semblence of control over your property and data. This is why open source is so crucial. It is essentially your only defence against government corruption and over reach as well as a company changing its “revenue model”. 

Now, freedom doesn’t come without responsibility and running your own services isn’t easy. But, at the same time it’s not going to get easier by declaring the fight over and proclaiming that the only choice people have (or should have) is which US company to hand your most personal data to.

Regardless whether you agree, the benefits of a strong open source community accrue to you as well. The perfect example being MS in the 90’s. Where the only reason they didn’t have total dominance (and all the bad economic shit that goes with it) was due to Linux. Even if you were an ardent MS fanboy, you still got to benefit from Linux competing as it kept MS (somewhat) honest and forced them to up their game, instead of just sitting back and jacking up prices. 

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