Pager responsibilities and technology choices

So, when I was working at Vend, I was lucky enough to get to meet a man by the name of Adrian Cockroft who is a very talented and clever guy (to say the least).

One of the stories that I remember him telling was that there’d be these big enterprise companies that’d listen to his presentation and ask “where do you find such talented engineers to hire?” and he would reply “from you”.

The point of the story was that the people that actually do the work, carry the pager etc… know what’s the best way to from A to B. The thing that startups do better than anyone is “hire the best people they can find and get the hell out of the way”.

This thought came up after a bit of confrontation around what tool to use for monitoring/alerting. Basically, I was of the opinion that the people pushing a particular tool weren’t actually going to be “wearing the pager” and using the tool in anger for debugging and therefore probably had a somewhat rosy picture of what actually happens during an out of hours incident.

That is all.

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