Automatic Discovery of Service Metadata for Systems that Scale

This was a talk by Martina Iglesias from Spotify about how they automatically discover microservice (container) metadata.


  • Spotify has:
    • 120 teams (all over the world)
    • 1,000+ services
    • Microservices arch (each part of UI is one/several services)
  • Documentation used to be in a different place for each service
  • SystemZ
    • web tool, internal
    • Integrated with Apollo (MS framework)
    • Gets config + uptime from all containers for a particular service and aggregates
    • Gets the service API (client docs)
    • Gets “system map” about MS dependencies
      • auto generated at runtime
    • Use DNS conventions for service discovery
    • Apollo-Meta
      • Exposes metadata endpoint
      • Collects:
        • Instance Info (version, uptime)
        • Configuration (loaded config, can be filtered)
        • endpoints (lists full list of endpoints, like docs for writing client)
        • Call info
          • Lists incoming services
          • List outgoing calls to services

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