Just Let me do my Job

Second talk of the first day at DevOpsDays Wellington was from Damian Brady about a team lead “shit umbrella” and the tools he used to shield his team and make the productive.


  • Problems that the team had:
    • M eetings
    • U ncertainty
    • D istractions
  • Guy came in and acted as “shit umbrella” for dev team
  • Most meetings had no goals or ability to tell if goal was met (or not) at the end
  • 60% of meetings didn’t meet criteria
  • Jayson (team lead) went to meetings for team
  • Title of meeting must be a question
  • Must have agenda
  • Doesn’t have to be 30min or 60min
  • Headphones for interruption
  • Do Not Disturb times
  • “The finger” – come talk to me later (leave post-it)
  • “Go dark” – no Slack, email etc…
  • survey of dev team found ~60% of the time priorities would change half way through a piece of work
  • Established a “gate” for additional changes
  • Make the requestor responsible (e.g. if you want to put 5 points into the current sprint, you have to take 5 points out)

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