Trying out Prometheus – part 2

Note that Prometheus by default uses around 3GB in memory. If you have a smaller machine, you can tune Prometheus to use less memory. For details, see the memory usage documentation

Lol! What’s 3GB these days!

So, installed on Ubuntu VM and followed: guide

Shit works. Now to install node_exporter

So, from the GitHub page, the way to do this seems to be:

  • Make sure you have Go language installed
  • Fuck around with GOPATH until you figure out you have to put node_exporter under “~/work/src/” before running make
  • Joy!

When it’s done, we get nice metrics like root filesystem usage, down to a very fine scale:

Prometheus filesystem usage graph
Prometheus filesystem usage graph

It’s worth pointing out that the node_exporter also gives the option of running it in a docker container, mounting all the host filesystems in the right place and it having the ability to monitor these.

Next up… Grafana!


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