Format shifting eBooks

So, I buy a lot of eBooks, mostly from Humble Bundle and others when they have specials (O’Reilly, Packt, Apress, No Starch, LeanPub, Manning, Pragmatic etc…) and subscribe to the awesome LinuxJournal. One of my problems with eBooks is:

  • I never read them (not enough time)
  • “browsing” through my collection in Calibre or on Kindle is not as nice as having them on my bookshelf

Therefore, just like I can take my CD’s and make mp3’s out of them for my own personal consumption, in order to increase the likelihood I’ll actually read most of them and to make them easily browsable I’ve decided to print them out.

Now, there’s been attempts at “book vending machines” before:

and guides to printing/binding yourself:

The most impressive of these is Powell’s Espresso Book Machine:

So, that’s the “ultimate” goal to get to, but at the moment I’ll just be happy to print and bind by hand.

I’ve ended up using the excellent pyPdf library to re-arrange PDF files to be able to print two pages per side, just using A4 paper as I reckon “half A4” (A5?) is a pretty good size for books.

Will need to get some cardboard as well to make covers, which will be even more tricky.


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