Touch typing with ZType

During high school I took the “computing” course in 5th (or 6th?) form. The course was pretty average in what it taught you. From memory it was:

  • Word processing
  • Spreadsheets and formulas
  • How to write HTML
  • Touch typing

Of those four, the one that I make the most use of (by far is touch typing). For those that don’t know, touch typing is about learning to type without needing to see the keys (imagine placing a cloth over your hands while they’re on the keyboard).

It also teaches the “proper” placement of hands/fingers (those little nubs on the “f” and “j” are for touch typists to be able to “home” their hand placement) and encourages you to use all of your fingers for typing.

A couple of years ago Mozilla had an HTML5 game contest (make games using only HTML/CSS/JavaScript) and one of the finalists was ZType. The game is a space invaders style game where you shoot aliens by typing out words associated with their space ships. It’s also really great at teaching/practicing your touch typing skills.

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