Book reviewer for Manning

So, after a colleague suggested it, I signed up to be a book reviewer for Manning (a book publisher). After some time, I’ve finally been given a book to review!

I’m reviewing “Neural Search in Action” by Tommaso Teofili, which (so far) is all about using Neural Networks to improve Search Engine results. This is awesome as the deadline gives me a reason to keep reading and kind of forces me to learn AI/ML/DeepLearning/NeuralNetworks, which I’ve been putting off for some time.

I learned quite a lot, mostly the basic components of a search engine and a discussion of the problems in adding “context” to queries, trying to match queries which are “semantically” similar etc… and also the different types of neural networks and algorithms that can be used to provide solutions to some of the above.

At the end of the review period, they ask you to fill out a Google Form, giving feedback around what (if anything) you learned, what the author could do better etc…

Overall, a pretty good first experience reviewing a pre-release book.

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