Useful Kubernetes Service annotations for AWS

I’ve found the following Kubernetes Service object annotations really useful for getting a Service exposed globally with SSL, Logging, firewall (security group) rules and setting up proper DNS records. Also a bit for specifying we want “internal” LoadBalancers instead of external.

NOTE: These assume your K8s cluster is running in AWS

# Related to ELB logging "60" "true" access-logs-bucket foobar

# Related to Internal load balancer

# Related to DNS "10"

# Related to HTTPS https arn:aws:acm:us-east-1:1234567890:certificate/abc35ed8-aabb-123b-bf6b-2b915e864100

Most of these are from this link, which also has a discussion linking to the place in code where these are all defined.

NOTE: DNS stuff requires a Pod running the external-dns software

NOTE 2: This seems to be documented here now:

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