Getting AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate qualification

So, one great thing about working at ClearPoint is that they give you a “use it or lose it” yearly training budget and also actively encourage you to actually do it (other places I’ve worked, they caked their Huggies at the thought of people “skilling up” and then either leaving or asking for more $$$).

As a result of this, finding myself between projects, I booked the exam and passed yesterday (yay!).

For training, I used a video tutorial site a workmate recommended called A Cloud Guru. I started working through the video tutorials, but in the end got about half way through and just flagged it and booked the exam, figuring since I did ok on the quizzes at the end of each of the sections I would probably be ok.

Exam description

The exam itself is about 50-70 multi-choice questions online in 80 minutes, but they make you take it at a provider (in my case, Auldhouse). The pass mark is around 65% apparently as they use a bell curve.


So, the good thing is you get your pass/fail result immediately and then later you get a summary like below:

I felt that the training was good, but let me down when it came down to NAT Gateways and Internet Gateways. Some of the questions were easy as and just basically were “which AWS service does X?” style. I apparently did quite bad on the “Troubleshooting” section, but got 83% overall, which I was quite happy with.

AWS Certification Badge

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