Awesome conference, the march of open source continues and technological progress has led us to the point where we can automatically identify predators in NZs bush as well as sequence DNA live during a conference talk.

The Internet of Things theme want as prominent as I thought it would be. The embedded space is still very much a mess in my opinion. To get started you need to make sure you have a ton of adapters, cables and patience. It just feels like yak shaving all the way down at the moment. However, this opinion might be due to my biases coming from the software side of things. The stuff I’m finding hard might just be teething pains or the learning curve.

From a open source philosophy perspective there was a bit of ignoring the elephant on the room, namely the rise of public clouds and the Apache vs GPL license model. However, when it was addressed, it was quite inspirational. One of the main philosophical points being that the four freedoms are inherently tied to what users want and therefore on a long enough timeline going against them will lead to giving users something inferior.

One of the most salient practical points was that using Apache creates a lot of confusion and work for the legal team. It causes each commit potentially to have to go through the “shall we open source or not” process.

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